"Better Mahout Life,

Better Elephant care"

ช้างช่วยคน คนช่วยช้าง

Our Concept

Welcome to the Chokchai Elephant Camp, a sanctuary established in 2006 by Mr. Chokchai with a heartfelt motto: Better mahout life, better elephant care. Our mission is to enhance the lives of both people and elephants. The challenges posed by the pandemic affected our ability to provide adequate livelihoods for our mahouts and ensure sufficient daily nourishment for our beloved elephants.

In response, we are redoubling our efforts to bolster elephant well-being by increasing their daily food intake while also focusing on enriching the lives of our mahouts. By striving to secure more nourishment for our gentle giants and offering improved resources for our caretakers, we are dedicated to fostering a brighter future for both elephants and the individuals who care for them.

Join us in this endeavor as we continue our commitment to the welfare of these magnificent animals and the communities that support them. Together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of elephants and those who nurture them.

Pack your trunk and get ready to join the grand

parade of 54 elephants

A place where big ears and even bigger hearts reign supreme!

Why do Chokchai Elephant Camp still has an elephant riding? In our concept of "better mahout life, better elephant care".
6 Dec 2023
Chokchai Elephant Camp, located in the scenic surroundings of Mae Tang, Chiangmai, Thailand, has evolved significantly in its 17-year history. Established in January 2006 by Mr. Chokchai Srisirivilai.
3 Nov 2023
At Chokchai Elephant Camp, our commitment to the well-being of our elephants goes beyond the ordinary. One of the unique initiatives we undertake is the creation of herbal vitamins tailored to enhance the digestive health of our beloved pachyderms. The Understanding Elephant Digestion
4 Oct 2023
Discover the fascinating world of elephants and learn why stepping on their poop can actually be a good thing!
16 Sep 2023
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