History of Chokchai Elephant Camp Chiangmai

Last updated: 3 Nov 2023
History of Chokchai Elephant Camp Chiangmai

Chokchai Elephant Camp, nestled in the picturesque locale of Mae Tang, Chiangmai, Thailand, stands as a renowned tourist attraction since its inception in January 2006. Over the past 17 years, the camp has undergone significant transformations, evolving into a prominent destination under the stewardship of its founder, Mr. Chokchai Srisirivilai, affectionately known as Mr. Eddie.

The camp's origins trace back to Mr. Eddie's humble beginnings with just one elephant, the beloved "Ming Jalearn." To meet the growing demand, he rented six additional elephants from Mae Jam, with the initial caretaker, "So," managing the spirited male elephant, "Sae Dor." As the enterprise flourished, requiring more space, Mr. Chokchai expanded the camp by acquiring additional land. The community's collaborative spirit was evident in 2552 when local villagers volunteered to construct the first bouncing bridge, connecting the camp to the opposite bank. Subsequently, in 2557, a second bridge was built to enhance structural integrity.

Mr. Eddie's prior experience as a tour guide contributed to the camp's early success. The first program introduced was elephant riding, a much sought-after activity. The camp gradually introduced attractions such as the long neck village and captivating elephant shows within its premises. Between 2554 and 2556, Chokchai Elephant Camp soared in popularity, attracting over 2000 tourists daily during China's National Day, boasting a workforce of more than 200 employees, and owning a commendable fleet of 80 elephants.

However, the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic in recent years dealt a severe blow to Mr. Eddie's financial stability. The resulting economic downturn affected daily operations, leading to decreased tourism, financial strain, and a subsequent reduction in staff as some mahouts left the camp. In response, Mr. Eddie sought assistance from foundations to mitigate the impact.

Tragically, in 2564, Mr. Eddie was diagnosed with intestinal cancer, leaving him with approximately a year to live. On January 11, 2565, at 12:10 A.M., he passed away. In his last testament, dated January 10, 2565, he expressed his wish to pass on his entire business to his daughter.

Despite the challenges, the camp continues to operate with a renewed purpose. In 2023, it embraces the visionary concept of "Better mahout life, Better elephant care." This forward-looking approach seeks to improve the lives of mahouts and, by extension, the well-being of the elephants under their care. As Chokchai Elephant Camp navigates its future, it does so with a commitment to honoring Mr. Eddie's legacy and advancing the cause of responsible elephant tourism.

Visiting Elephants at Chokchai Elephant Camp
Why do Chokchai Elephant Camp still has an elephant riding? In our concept of "better mahout life, better elephant care".
6 Dec 2023
Making Herbal Vitamins for Elephants
At Chokchai Elephant Camp, our commitment to the well-being of our elephants goes beyond the ordinary. One of the unique initiatives we undertake is the creation of herbal vitamins tailored to enhance the digestive health of our beloved pachyderms. The Understanding Elephant Digestion
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Join us in celebrating the wonders of nature as we feed these gentle giants!
Join us in celebrating the wonders of nature as we feed these gentle giants!
16 Sep 2023
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