Visiting Elephants at Chokchai Elephant Camp

Last updated: 6 Dec 2023
Visiting Elephants at Chokchai Elephant Camp

At the Chokchai Elephant Camp, elephants have developed an incredible bond with travelers because these elephants have lived alongside humans for their entire lives. They initially came here after being rescued from logging activities at the border. This history has made these elephants incredibly familiar with people throughout their lives. Visitors can get up close, hug, or even touch the elephants. However, for the safety of everyone, especially during male elephant temperamental moments, there's a precautionary health check before any encounters.

Chokchai Elephant Camp has been operating for 17 years, but the conservation program for elephants was introduced in 2022. Despite the camp's reopening, the income from conservation programs isn't enough to cover the camp's expenses like elephant food, healthcare, and more. The elephants consume around 200 kilograms of food per day, costing approximately 15,000 Baht. This has led to the camp's slogan "Elephants help people, people help elephants" this year. Consequently, the elephant rides here are unique because the elephants roam naturally, munching on leaves and foliage along the way. Travelers get to witness their happy ear flaps and wagging tails, signs of contentment. This approach is aimed at reducing stress for these elephants, letting them be themselves. However, due to the current limitations and reduced workforce, the number of tourists for elephant rides is restricted per day.

This return aims to limit the daily walks of the elephants and aid them in regaining their previous income levels. Before COVID-19, there were 200 employees; now, only about 50 remain. This situation has urged restrictions on elephant walks per day, aiding in restoring the elephants' income. Older elephants have programs that ensure they don't get overwhelmed by tourists, and their accommodations have been improved.

The hope is that this return will help create a better environment for the elephants and attract tourists to visit the Chokchai Elephant Camp under the slogan "Elephants help people, people help elephants." Let's join hands and hearts to support both the camp and its elephants during this visit.

History of Chokchai Elephant Camp Chiangmai
Chokchai Elephant Camp, located in the scenic surroundings of Mae Tang, Chiangmai, Thailand, has evolved significantly in its 17-year history. Established in January 2006 by Mr. Chokchai Srisirivilai.
3 Nov 2023
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Join us in celebrating the wonders of nature as we feed these gentle giants!
Join us in celebrating the wonders of nature as we feed these gentle giants!
16 Sep 2023
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